2019 Immersion & Teacher Training with Abby: Q&A

Dearest yoga students and wannabe teachers: In case you haven’t heard, all my dreams have come true and I will be leading a foundational Yoga Teacher Training at The People’s Yoga this coming January-June! With an unbridled love and reverence for yoga, a (sometimes obnoxiously) fervent passion for education and teaching, and some really smart … Continue reading 2019 Immersion & Teacher Training with Abby: Q&A

On Stoicism

For most of my life, I have identified as an extrovert. I preferred social time to me-time, planned frequent parties, and enjoyed making conversation with strangers. I shared my stories readily and eagerly, trusting that most people I met were kind and caring and interested in what I had to say. I had many friends, and … Continue reading On Stoicism